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November 26 2014

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Benefits of using Explainer Video

Promoting a newly established business requires so much effort and patience before people could actually appreciate your products or services. You have to be aware that there are businesses out there that offer the same services and products you offer as well, therefore you have to think of something unique that may help you promote your business better, something more appealing than others, something like animated explainer videos.

Explainer video is a type of advertisement but this kind of advertisement is unique from others for it is uses animated and customized videos that provides information and explains things about your product, service or product.

Using such advertisement preferred by business owners because of its affordability and effectiveness in endorsing their product:

• Increase in Product Awareness- there is a survey conducted that shows increasing percentage of people that are likely to buy a product once they have seen an accompanying explainer video. It also helps owners to keep a tally of how many visitors their site has who can be potential buyers.

• Detailed Product Description- unlike explaining it through text explainer video gives much clearer explanation about your product or service. It helps owners to connect with customers because explainer videos help them understand what your business can do for them and also people gain better understanding of your business once they see someone explain it

• Increases people’s Interest- according to a study over 70 percent of internet users watch videos, so there is a big chance that your explainer videos get numbers of visits that keeps them more interested with your product and services.

• Information Preservation- people have the ability to retain more information they have seen, meaning if people happen to like your product there is a possibility that they will share your videos that will give business owners an increasing number of potential buyers.

• Creates a Greater Impact as a Business Strategy- there are people who don’t really like reading or even find reading boring. More people will appreciate advertisement on video than those that are written online or in a newspaper.

• Ease of Sharing- it is posted online so it is easier to share with other people, using social networking sites or other websites

• Stimulates product curiosity and catches audience attention - providing all information together in just one unique and cool video they can view through your website. This is better than providing pictures and colorful fonts in your website that makes your website load slowly and confuses customers.

November 04 2014


Make Your Business More Appealing to Online Audiences

Some companies around the world don’t have any idea about what a great business has when it comes to promoting their products. But effective design could do it.

Internet really changed the way on how to manage business perfectly through the web; it provides easier communication all over the world. Businesses became a challenge for some companies. It turns out that competition is stiffer all over the world.

Business should know what customers’ wants and what they need to deliver to them. Through internet there are many forms on how a company advertises their products to attract customers; they can even be found in different sites and promotes with an appealing statement to attract them, some are even making a video explainer presentations, so customers who want to purchase products can watch it and see what the purpose is.

 This video is not only just a one click view but it has high quality animations that tell the audience about its products, services and it serves as a great effective ways to communicate with the customers.

There are some tips on how to make web videos more appealing to people

 • It is a known fact that videos can attract websites visitors. It is important to allow and get customers more involved to your websites. People have this kind of attitude that they don’t want to read large amounts of texts from the sites, but, they understand better and easy when watching videos. In advertising through web videos, it is important that the information is detailed; not too long but not too short. It is also important that the videos must be interesting and easy to understand by the viewers.

• Business products must be explained well. Videos are great ways to explain products and services and because it is more understood by anyone and they get more interested on your business. A short but brief video, explaining how a product works, rises up the sales.

• Since you are advertising your business through social media, let anyone share your videos with other social networking sites to spread out and see what it is all about. Create videos for your business as much as you can, make it more appealing and have it designed perfectly to attract everyone.

• Make your business and videos more competitive than the other. Stand out against everyone

September 17 2014

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Explainer Factory Believes that YouTube is Any Business’ Bestfriend in Uploading Explainer Videos for Marketing

Explainer videos, especially the animated ones, are an essential tool greatly influencing audience online experience. And YouTube is the perfect place for any business that has ventured in marketing their products or services with the use of videos. YouTube has more than 3 billion views per day, as such making it a tremendous host for marketers to find customers, with its reach from countries other than the US accounting to 70% of the traffic.
Why is YouTube the perfect place for video marketing?
Virality. Search for any viral video and you will most likely find it in YouTube. Other social media marketing sites like Facebook and Twitter can also be used for driving customers to the videos uploaded in YouTube. 

Benefits of Hosting a YouTube Channel
YouTube is capable of hosting channels that allows centralization of an online pace for all types of explainer videos relevant to the products or services of any business. Series of videos can also be uploaded in YouTube. Marketers are capable of uploading fresh videos whenever there is a need for it where they can modify or update without the need for getting rid of the old ones that are still applicable. There are two options by which a user channel can be created: the free user one or the option to pay a certain fee to host a branded channel where there are more choices for the marketers to perk up a YouTube page.

Conversions are tracked
YouTube has an analytics capability that allows marketers and businesses to tracker the total number of views each video is getting on specific time periods, or in real time. Without the need for complex searches or assessments required, the total number of views can be seen right beneath the video image making it easier for businesses and marketers to assess the reach of their videos and the success of their campaigns. Video recommendation, video comments, and even likes and dislikes statistics can also be seen real time.
Add-On Services = Better Marketing and Perhaps, Better Conversions Too. Apart from the ability of YouTube to give own hosted channels, marketers and businesses can also opt to purchase advertising on either the home page or on the videos running on YouTube. Keywords can also be used prompting the videos to appear as an option for visitors. 

Explainer Factory believes that YouTube will never lose its appeal when it comes to video marketing. The same reason why Explainer Factory is so much inspired to produce quality and effective video explainer that are being effectively marketed via YouTube. http://explainerfactory.com/

August 22 2014

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When you talk about an animated explainer video, you just think that it is a video with moving graphics. Apparently, there is more to animated explainer videos than just that. There are different ways to animate an explainer video. Some of the most popular ways to animate an explainer video are the following.

1. 2D Animation. 2D animation is the most popular and most used type of animation used for creating explainer videos. This is because there are an infinite number of options to color combinations and characters that can be used. It also appeals to not only the children but to older audiences as well.

2. Whiteboard videos. Whiteboard videos are for instructional explainer videos. This type of animation is used to easily convey the explanation to the viewers. An instruction is given one at a time. This is so that there will be a breather to take in the given information. Example, an explanation about the Theory of Relativity would be easily understood using this kind of animation in an explainer video. The origin to the other phases of evolution will be presented at a time and will be seen as, perhaps, a drawing and few explanations that would be easily understood.

3. Stop Motion or Claymation. The Stop Motion or Claymation videos take the longest type of production. But, this type of animation is the most realistic among the other types. It has this life-like quality. People are easily invited by this type of animation. Then again, it is expensive to produce.

4. Motion Graphic. This type of animation is mostly used for mature viewers. The Motion Graphic animation is very bright in color and very effective when it comes to giving information. It is somewhat similar to the whiteboard videos in this sense. But, there are only a few options when using the motion graphic animation. There isn’t much creativity which is why it is not used for explainer videos intended for children.
5. 3D Animation. 3D Animation is the same with Stop Motion or Claymation when it comes to budget and production; very expensive but very hard to produce. But, if these aren’t a problem, 3D animation is for you. It appeals to children and adults. Plus, it has a lot of options and does not limit your creativity level. Its graphics are also very realistic and are also high quality. http://explainerfactory.com/

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